• UMA is a media-for-equity investment fund

    We accelerate companies to massive scale by providing global mainstream media coverage

  • What we do

    We provide global media coverage to leading startups in return for equity.


    We generate exposure for portfolio companies by investing in production of unscripted TV and online video content with global appeal. The content is then distributed to top national media worldwide engaging tens of millions of daily viewers in 20+ languages.

    What’s the deal?

    A startup with $1-10m in revenue cannot afford to spend $5m on media exposure. Top media organizations are looking for advertisers with 8-figure budgets.


    We provide our portfolio companies with exposure they would not otherwise be able to access or afford, enabling them to massively grow revenues over an extended period of time. The initial objective is to provide $5-10m worth of exposure.


    Portfolio companies benefit by not having to raise capital or borrow to fund their media campaigns which might or might not be successful. UMA takes care of funding the content and makes sure the advertising message performs well with audiences.


    UMA’s participation tends to considerably reduce risk and reassure other investors.

    Investment thesis

    We partner with businesses that are globally scalable and doing $1-10m in annual revenue. Our objective is to help portfolio companies grow revenues 5-10 times within 1-3 years.


    Normally we start by taking 5-15% of equity. For blockchain businesses we take a combination of equity and $1-3m in tokens.


    We are not looking for quick exits, expecting to hold equity positions for at least 3-5 years and token positions for 1-3 years.


    As of January 2019 we are involved with ~10 startups at different levels of launch readiness. Industries represented include blockchain, AI, real estate and luxury/fashion/design.


    The fund is run by partners combining experience in media production and startup venture capital.


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